Equals by PHILCODE is a non-profit NGO, an on-line job, and livelihood resource hub connecting Persons With Disabilities seeking employment or entrepreneurship in the Philippines. Facilitated by the PHILIPPINE COUNCIL OF ORGANIZATIONS ON DISABILITY AND EMPOWERMENT (PHILCODE) formerly Philippine Council of Cheshire Homes for the Disabled, Equals provides to Persons With Disabilities and help jumpstart their career through employment and entrepreneurship, while companies are given resource information on Persons With Disabilities employment in the Philippines.

This online resource platform was funded by the International Centre for Disability & Rehabilitation, Philippine Working Group at the University of Toronto. The current administrator of the Equals website is the Foundation for These Abled Persons Inc. (FTI), a member of Philcode.
Member Organizations of Philcode:
1. Tahanang Walang Hagdanan Cainta Rizal
2. House with No Step Foundation, Bahay Biyaya Quezon City
3. Handicapped Center Lourdes
4. Foundation for These Abled Persons Inc. (FTI)
5. Association of Competent Differently Abled Persons Inc.
6. Business Opportunity Producers Cooperative
7. Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Vigan

PhilCOCHED Services

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Resource Mobilization

As a resource agency, PhilCOCHED's foremost function is to give educational, health, managerial, technical and policy assistance to member organizations in their effort to provide effective and efficient services to PWDs.

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Capacity Building

Part of the mission of PhilCOCHED is the empowerment of pwds through the organizations devoted to pwds. It accomplishes this by offering capacity building seminars and workshops for leaders, emerging leaders and individual members of its affiliate organizations

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PWD Advocacy & Research

It operates a Disability Resource Library and collaborates with other NGOs, academic institutions on research efforts on disability. It promotes involvement in councils/ advisory bodies on disability.

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A sustainable council of organizations for persons with disabilities, bound together by faith and missionary values, assisting each other become self- reliant, productive, and empowered through linkages and partnerships with stakeholders in the Philippines and globally.

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To access and share resources for Persons With Disabilities

Employers & Organizations

A. Post Jobs & Seminars

B. Access CVs of Persons With Disabilities

C. Awareness Training on Disability
D. Company Promotion & CSR on Employment

E.  Persons with Disabilities in the Workplace: Feature Stories of the Differently-Abled in the Company

Job Candidates

A. Jump Start
Series of workshops to enhance pre-entry skills to the world of work of the differently-abled wanting to have a job or start a business

* Self Exploration: My Strengths and Potentials
* Gearing Up for Work
   - Career Planning and Options
   - Job Preparation Skills: Resume Writing, Winning Interviews, Communicating Effectively
   - Job Search Tools and Resources
   - Livelihood Training Opportunities
* Personality Development
   - Self Efficacy
   - Resiliency
   - Time Management
   - Managing Stress 
* My Own Business
   - Starting a Business 101
   - Entrepreneurship 101

B. Explore and Apply on Job Postings

C. Count Me In!
View my Resume and Cover Letter

The Founder: Sr. Ma. Paula Valeriana Baerts, ICM

On February 7, 1958, a young Belgian came to the Philippines to become a missionary. Sr. Valeriana Baerts has devoted her life in the service of Filipino Persons with Disabilities.

The Mother Superior of St. Theresa's College Quezon City first assigned her to the National Orthopedic Hospital in Banawe, Quezon City to take care of the orthopedically impaired, especially, those left by their families in the hospital. Through the help of civic-minded Filipinos, she started establishing homes for the abandoned, indigent ortho-impaired patients of the hospital. Through the years, she established more homes in different parts of the country, necessitating the creation of a Council to supervise the homes. This is the forerunner of the Philippine Council of Cheshire Homes for the Disabled, Inc.

On the occasion of her 86th birthday last August 5, 2014,the Sr. Valeriana Baerts Educational, Leadership, and Empowerment Scholarship was launched to promote capacity building among organizations for Persons with Disabilities by providing academic and training opportunities for Persons with Disabilities affiliated with the organization and their family members.