Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Equals by PhilCODE's Online Resource hub for Recruitment and Research Purposes
PhilCODE maintains the website to provide information regarding:

a)    job opportunities for Persons With Disabilities

b)    other helpful materials such as laws, self-help articles, links to similar or related organizations and entities, etc. consistent with the aim of being an online hub and a communication channel on matters of interest to Persons With Disabilities

PhilCODE`s representations:

1.    It shall ascertain whether an applicant or user is a Persons With Disabilities.

2.    It reserves the right to present information from job applicants to accredited persons or entities who may become eventual employers of Persons With Disabilities.

3.    It is not a representative, agent, partner or proxy of either the applicant or of the possible employer unless otherwise stated.

4.    It does not act as a guarantor for the accuracy of the information provided by the user or by the prospective employer.

5.    It refrains from collecting any fee, charge or any payment regarding employment matters.

6.    It may email or send information it deems useful or relevant to the user such as programs, services, announcement, etc.  but not any spam or commercial material.

7.    It administers the website in the best way possible, including utilizing digital security measures but cannot absolutely ensure against possible breach of security or any form of abuse, infringement and similar actions by others.

8.    It may collect information from users for purposes of  website analysis, statistics and preferences such as IP address, page URL and timestamp, frequency of visits, page views, etc. The data may be shared in its aggregate format but without divulging nor indicating the user`s identities. Cookies stored in the user`s hard drive are intended to merely enhance connectivity and to recognize search  preferences.

9.    PhilCODE reserves the right to change the policy without prior notice. Policy amendments shall be posted in the website. It is the user`s responsibility to be acquainted with such changes

Users`s undertakings:
1.    User`s access to the PhilCODE website signifies conformity with the policies, including privacy provisions and usage responsibilities.

2.    Users shall use their judgment and discretion as to the nature, extent and amount of information which they shall reveal and relay to the public. PhilCODE shall not be held liable in case such information is used by others.

3.    User understand that links indicated in the website are not under the control and supervision of PhilCODE and should therefore check the respective privacy policies.